Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marshmallow Fruit Salad

Marshmallow and fruit...need I say more. Okay maybe a little bit more. I've always enjoyed this at BBQ's but had never made it myself so when I saw that the recipe had sour cream in it, I was very skeptical. Sour Cream! I tried it without it, not that great. The sour cream blends in and is not weird, it gives everything a nice creaminess to it and brings out all the flavors. Yum.

Marshmallow Fruit Salad
Makes 8-12 servings


1 large can pineapple tidbits - drained
2 small cans mandarin oranges - drained
2 large sliced bananas
1 pint sliced strawberries
1 package mini marshmallows

1 small container sour cream (8 oz)

 Mix all ingredients and let it sit in the fridge for 30 min. so flavors can develop.

Recipe and photo from Jam Hands

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