Monday, May 13, 2013

Fruit Pizza

 This dessert is so refreshing because of all the fruit you can put on it and what funner way to eat it than like pizza.(pretty sure funner is not a word, oh well ;)) It is so simple to make if you use store bought cookie dough!

 Fruit Pizza

1 pkg. sugar cookie dough, cooked according to pkg. directions and cooled
1 4oz. pkg cream cheese ( I used neufchatel becaue it's lower in fat)
2 c. powdered sugar
2 tsp. vanilla extract
couple squirts of lemon juice
whatever fruit you want

Cook sugar cookie dough on a pizza or regular baking pan according to pkg. directions. Cool.

In a large bowl cream the cream cheese. Add powdered sugar 1/2 c. at a time so you don't make a huge mess. Add vanilla extract until well combined.

Spread your cream cheese mixture evenly over the whole, cooled, cookie dough pizza.

Add your sliced fruit. Cut into pizza slices and serve!

Notes: You can add a few squirts of lemon juice over the top so your fruit doesn't brown. You can also melt 1/2 c. of apple jelly in a small saucepan and then brush on top for a little extra shine and sweetness.

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